Sat. Vigil 7pm, Sun. 10, 12, & 7pm. Baptisms: 2nd and the last Sunday of the Month 1pm.
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Mon – Sat 10am, Monday 7pm. Novena Mass, First Friday: 7pm
Daily Readings

Sunday, 14th July 2024

15th Sunday Ord. Time

The Passionists.

The Passionists make a special promise to promote the Memory of the Passion of Jesus by word and deed. They do this especially in preaching and in various ministries among the poor and the marginalised of every kind in whom they see the Crucified today.

St. Charles and Saint Paul of the Cross

Saint Charles gave this prayer to a young girl, Pauline, advising her to say it every day saying that he desired that she become a great saint. The family called it the 'miracle prayer'

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